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the next generation of Socializing One2One's Social Circles allows daters to find most compatible matches across various social networks. This awesome dating app is available from the site or on iPhone, Blackberry and Droid.
Meet People While Doing The Things You Love Another great dating app from the folks at One2one. The revolutionary new social optimization engine, One2One - designed to harness cutting-edge web technology to help singles find other like-minded individuals and build and nurture meaningful relationships with them while doing the things they love.
Droid, iPhone Dating App Location Based Dating App allows you to see who is around you. You can also check in at various locations. Send a flirt to others around you. You are notified when there is a mutual match.

Built with Gantry

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The Gantry Framework forms the core foundation of Quantive, combining a complex and powerful infrastructure with an intuitive and simple control interface.

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Fusion Menu

The Fusion Menu is a CSS driven dropdown menu, enriched by the Mootools javascript library.

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Complex & Diverse Construction

With 68 widget positions and the Gantry layout interface, the theme allows you construct diverse and complex layouts with complete ease.

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Limited IE6 Template Support

Restricted support: LTR (Left-To-Right) only, low background/body levels only and Fusion menu is degraded to Suckerfish, amongst other limitations.

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Template Performance

The theme takes performance into account on all levels of its infrastructure from the condensed CSS files to the inbuilt caching facilities of Gantry.

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3rd Level SplitMenu

Displays first tier child menu items in the main horizontal bar, and then its children in the side column.

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Styled Plugins

An assortment of RocketTheme plugins with specific styling, such as RokTabs and RokAjaxSearch.

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Custom Typography

A selection of pre-built typography to enhance your site's article or modular content.

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Light And Dark Styles

Quantive's collection of preset styles, allow you to choose from either light or dark style variations.

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Image RokStories Available Now Showcase widget for displaying content.

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  • Image RokStories Available Now Showcase widget for displaying content.
    15 November 2010